Bonus tiers are based on the commission you earn each month.

2024 Bonus Tiers

Monthly Commission Goal
Bonus Amount

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bonus Program work?

The Bonus Program lets you reach a bonus tier based on how much commission you earn each month to continue rewarding your efforts and achievements every month throughout the year.

The program provides consistent rewards that all Mavely Everyday Influencers can aim to achieve. The program offers an industry-leading cash payout that rewards your performance on a platform that you can trust for the long term. 

For example, those who earn less than $1,000 in monthly commission can reach one of five bonus tiers that increase their monthly earnings by up to 25% extra. Top-earners can earn a bonus of up to $200,000 a month.

You can track your progress to your next bonus in the same place you always have.

Are the bonus tiers tied to annual or monthly milestones?

The Bonus Program rewards creators for their monthly performance. As you continue improving each month, you can earn larger bonuses. 

When will I see this change reflected in my Mavely payout?

View the 2024 Commission and Bonus Payout schedule here.