Here you can find more details as to when you can expect to be paid and what you can expect to be paid for. Mavely pays creators on the 1st &15th of the calendar month. Pay periods are automated and issued between 9 AM CST and 5 PM CST. Please note that these dates can be impacted and vary depending on weekends, and holidays impacting payment processing. 


Commissions are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments are made for a net 15 day cycle and issued 30 days post the last day of the cycle. For example, the August 15th pay period was made for the July 1-15 cycle. (See below for full schedule).

Commissions are paid based on the activity at the time of the payout. Commissions are generated based on the sales activity generated and tracked through the affiliate links and the data provided by the affiliate networks. Commissions can change at will and are tracked based on the data provided to Mavely. Data can change based on data additions to the affiliate platforms ( based on brand data management), as well as corrections applied. Commissions are paid on approved sales within the system. Sales that are reversed are not applicable for commissions, and commissions may be clawed back for sales that have been paid on and returned later.

Minimum Threshold

In order to receive a payment from Mavely, creators must have earned above the Minimum Threshold for that pay period. This minimum payment threshold ("Minimum Threshold") is dependent on your preferred payment method. For ACH and PayPal, the Minimum Threshold is $10.00. For wires, the Minimum Threshold is $35. Any payments that do not meet the Minimum Threshold will be rolled forward to the following pay period until the Minimum Threshold is met. 


Bonus are paid to creators based on monthly sales activity based on the time of payment. 

Bonuses are paid out net 30 days post the end of the calendar month. Example, a bonus issued for the month of February will be paid on April 1st. Bonuses are applied across all accounts sharing one pay method/account. Mavely will aggregate the total of the bonus payments based on all of the accounts utilizing the same pay method/account.

**Beginning May 1, 2024, Mavely can only pay creators through the new system. If you have not enrolled, we will keep your earnings in your account and will pay them out whenever you enroll in the new system. 

If you miss the deadline of April 29 at 12PM Central Time, you will receive your payouts for May 1 in the next available payout period after you have enrolled.

Please note that returns made by brands are applied to all accounts once received and processed by Mavely. Please be sure to review the Payout history located under your account in the desktop or mobile app to see the return data applicable to your account. Returns can date back into 2022 based on how and when Mavely receives this data from the brands. Returns are deducted from commission payments when received. Commissions already paid to creators will be reduced from future earnings.  Mavely pays creators before all returns are received, and as a result return data is netted forward as a result. Please refer to the help article for any additional information. 

Please be sure to check back often for any updates to payment calendars and schedules.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to