Please see the below for a glossary of key terms that create the overall account balance for our creators.

MavelyThe best affiliate channel in the industry.
Aggregatecollect (related items of content) so as to display or link them together.
Analyticsa summary of all data collected from links you have created and shared.
CampaignWhen Mavely partners with a brand to source content creators to promote the brand.
CommissionThis is the portion allocated to a creator for any transactions made by their followers. The commission can be a percentage (%) or flat rate ($) amount from the transaction. If it is percentage based, the percentage is for the total less any discounts, taxes & shipping, or fees.
Cookie windowThe cookie window is what decides how long someone who clicks your affiliate's link has to make a purchase before it's no longer counted as a sale for that affiliate
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)In the affiliate industry, the FTC helps to prohibit unfair or deceptive advertising in any medium in order to protect consumers.
Historic Data Additionwhen a transaction is delivered into the Mavely platform after a pay period has already occured, Mavely's system will capture this and include it into the next pay period.
Net [X]Net pay means take-home pay or the amount creators earn after returns and/or reversals are deducted.
Non-commissionableProducts which a brand does not pay commission on.
Pay cyclethe time frame on which commissions are paid for (usually a total of 15 days).
Pay periodthe date on which a payment occurs. Typically this falls on every 1st and 15th of each month.
Referralwhen a current Mavely user shares their link and refers Mavely to another creator, this is considered a referral
Referral linkA unique link customized for each Mavely user who would like to share the platform and earn an additional incentive. The referral link can be utilized to share with users who have not yet joined the platform in order to earn a referral fee.
Referral bonusEarnings for any referrals who have successuly signed on to the Mavely platform via the referral link. Paid 45 days post the end of a quarter.
Returnswhen a consumer returns the product which was purchased, a transaction is reversed by a brand due, resulting in a return.
Reversalswhen a transaction is reversed by a brand due to any violations or invalid transactions.
Sales bonusan extra payment incentive for creators when a certain amount of commission is earned within the platform.
TeamsMavely Teams allows for creators to invite individuals to their account in order to assist with creating and posting links on their behalf.
Team memberAny individual who creates and posts links on behald of the creators.
TransactionIf a consumer/follower purchases via your link, the sale is considered a transaction and reported within your analytics.