Mavely has a full suite of tools for link creation, including our Chrome Extension, Mavely Web App, and Mavely Mobile App. See below for additional details on each of these tools.

Chrome Extension


The Mavely Link Creator Chrome extension () is must-have for creators who want to easily create shoppable links on any Mavely-supported brand site. It’s easy to use. While viewing an item on a supported retailer’s website, click on the Mavely Link Creator extension. Tap create and you’ll be able to copy and share your shoppable link. You’ll also see all of your links in your Mavely app or on our Mavely desktop portal.

Mavely Web App

Copy and paste any URL from a supported brand website into the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Press Create and your link will be ready in seconds. Once created, you can edit your link's meta tags (image, title, and description) and share and earn commission.

Mavely Mobile App 

iOS - App Store download | Android - Google Play download

Quick Link

The Mavely mobile app supports "quick linking", which creates a Mavely link for any supported brand's homepage in a single click. Find a brand in the mobile app, tap the Quick button and your link will be ready in seconds. You can also quick link using the share arrow from the Brands screen.

Create Link

If you want to create a link to a specific webpage (e.g. a product page) we recommend using the Create Link feature. Find a brand in the mobile app and tap the Create or Create Link button to launch the brand's website inside the Mavely app. Here you can browse the brand's website, find the desired webpage and tap Create Link at the bottom of the screen to create a Mavely link for the current webpage you are viewing.