When sharing a link across a social media platform or other app (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, iMessage), the platform typically caches the link's meta tags, saving them locally to use the next time the link is shared on the platform. As a result, when a Mavely user edits a link's meta tags and re-shares the link, the platform may ignore the new meta tags and rely on their cached meta tags.

Mavely's engineering team has and will continue to implement solutions to minimize this "update delay" in meta tags, but the various social channels control their cache behavior so our options can be limited.

If you are experiencing this issue, one solution is to create a new link and edit its meta tags prior to sharing. We also recommend reviewing the below platform-specific considerations.

Platform-specific considerations:


  • Per the Facebook documentation, "once 50 actions (likes, shares and comments) have been associated with an object, you won’t be able to update its title". In other words, once your link has 50 likes/shares/comments, updating the meta title will of the link will have no effect when sharing it via Facebook - they will always use the original meta title.