Mavely partners with over 550+ brands. We have a wide variety of brands that include: lifestyle, apparel, health, and wellness, along with affordable lifestyle brands. You can find brands on our app or desktop.

Once you find a brand in Mavely, you can see what commission is paid for promoting that brands products in their 'Brand Card'. Brands who work with Mavely control and determine the commission rates that creators have access to. Not all brands pay commission on all items sold within an order. Items which brands do not pay commission on are referred to as 'non-commissionable items'. 

For example, the brand 1800PetMeds pays up to 11% commission, however if you press the information icon for more information, you will find details on items that are "non-commissionable." (See below.)

Many brands will leverage commission rules, where different commission rates are applied based on the item/SKU, category, number of items in the order, even coupon codes can impact how commission is applied. This results in different commission rates being paid to creators. (See below brand as an example.)

Additionally, it is important to note that some brands pay commissions per sale and many others pay per commission per qualifying item. This can effect the percentage (%) of commission applied tot he total order. The commission can also be affected due to a consumer shopping via a Mavely link and purchasing products other than those which were promoted. 

Brand commission rates can change regularly, and we recommend that all creators review the brand commissions, terms and conditions and commission rules to understand commissions applied.  

Please reach out to for any questions.