There are only a few reasons as to why you may not receive a payout, such as:

  1. You did not select your payment method.
  2. There is an active returns and reversals balance greater than your earnings. (Review the payment history.)
  3. You did not earn commission for that pay cycle. (Review analytics)
  4. Account is on hold and requires verification.

Reviewing your account settings is important because the most common reason for non payment is a result of the payment method missing from your account. If no payment method is listed, a user will not be paid. Please note, Mavely is not responsible for re-issuing payments. Please make sure the account you are adding is valid and in good standing.

Next check your Payouts history for returns and reversals. Mavely nets returns forward given our quick payment periods, and as a result returns may reduce your payment total. To find if any return data has been applied to your account, Navigate to Account Settings -> Payment History. Additional information available in our article, Payout History. See Returns and Reversals to learn more.

Additionally, look into your analytics. Are you certain a commission was owed for this pay period? Checking your analytics is important because pay periods are automated and sent on the 1st and 15th of each month. Each pay period is for a 15 day cycle, paid 30 days post the end of the cycle. Make sure your date filters are set to the correct cycle dates. You can learn more as well as find a schedule of key dates in our article, Commission and Bonus Payouts.

Last, your account may be on hold. Our compliance team will reach out with verification instructions. Be sure to check your spam folder and respond with the information requested from you.

If there are further questions pertaining to payment, please reach out to the help desk and our team can support you. Please email