Mavely pays for referrals on a quarterly basis. The bonus timelines for the quarterly activity is 45 days post the final day of the quarter. For example, the referral bonus for the Q4 time period (October, November, December) is applicable to be paid on roughly February 15th.  

Quarters are defined by standard quarters. 

Q1 = January, February and March 

Q2 = April, May, June 

Q3 - July, August, September

Q4 - October, November, December

Payments are payable 45 days post the end of the quarter, and will be paid based on the current Mavely payment schedules. Dates may shift due to weekends and holidays. 

Please note that Mavely referral program began on October 18th, 2022. Anything referred to Mavely before that time period is not able to be managed as a part of the program as the program was not yet in place. 

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to reach out to