At Mavely, it's important to us that we are constantly growing and bringing on new creators to expand and grow.  We know that new creators referred to us by our existing creators are important, and we want to reward you for bringing on new people to work with. 

By leveraging your unique referral link found in your account, you can earn by referring your friends. 

Referrals are tracked when the new creator clicks through your unique link and creates a net new account with Mavely. To ensure proper credit of the referral, the new creator must create the new account once they click through your link, and not interrupt the sign-up process. If a creator comes back to complete an account sign up, and does NOT use the unique link, the referral may not track back correctly.  

Once the new creator signs up and creates a net new account, you can start earning. You can earn 10% of the transactional revenue earned (commissions) by the creator you refer to Mavely for the first 6 months they are on the platform. What does that mean?!  If Creator X (who you referred) drives $150,000 in GMV during their first 6 months on the platform, you would earn $1500 in a referral bonus.  (Please note that only referrals for net new creators to the Mavely database are counted towards referrals, and existing creators who are adding a new creator to their account do not count towards referral totals.) 

Mavely pays for referrals on a quarterly basis. The bonus timelines for the quarterly activity is 45 days post the final day of the quarter. For example, the referral bonus for the Q4 time period (October, November, December) is applicable to be paid on roughly February 15th. 

Getting started. 

To find the unique referral link in your account- Navigate to the account tab in your account.  Account --> Referral Link. Grab your code- and share with your community! 

At this time, all reported data and activity is maintained on our backend. In the future this detail will be added to your account for transparency and visibility. 

Please note that Mavely referral program began on October 18th, 2022. Anything referred to Mavely before that time period is not able to be managed as a part of the program. 

If there are any questions about the above, please let reach out to for any additional support.