If you believe that there is a possibility of a missing order, we’ve created a link to help identify what may be causing an order delay or issue. Please note, that in order for the Mavely support team to be able to investigate the order, pertinent information is needed: the order date, subtotal, and OID (Order ID). Without this detail we are unable to ask the brand for support. 

We recommend that any sales submitted for review be placed 10 days post the order date to allow for any late delivery of data. 

To submit the details please review the below. 

  • Link to form HERE.
  • Some items to consider: 
  • Your post may not have produced a sale. Looking at your average number of clicks per post can help determine if there is a reporting issue. 

    • Toolbars, coupon codes, cookies and ad blockers can also impact how/ if an order is tracked or attributed to Mavely and your account. 

  • While most brands track in real time, not all brands leverage real time tracking, and as a result sales will be tracked 3 - 7 business days post sale. 

  • Mavely leverages the brands. affiliate networks and agencies to investigate. This process can take time as a result. 

Please reach out hello@mavely.life if you have any additional questions.