If you think that an order has not been correctly tracked back to your account, please review the below for detail and background. 

Why didn't the order track? 

  • Attribution. Attribution is how a brand applies logic as to how sales are tracked and to whom credit is given. Affiliate is a LAST CLICK model, meaning that the last affiliate normally takes credit for the sale. This means that if a consumer has a toolbar installed, or visits a coupon site post reviewing your own website, you may not be the final click before conversion. Brands control how sales are attributed. If a model is known to not be last click, Mavely will note that in the brand description. 
  • Ad Blockers: Add blockers block cookies from being tracked. Cookies are how most brands track their affiliate orders. Without a cookie a brand is unable to track the sale. 
  • Cookie duration/ Last click: Cookie duration varies by brand. If a sale occurs outside the cookie duration the sale will not track. As listed above, if a consumer visits another site post clicking on your link, the final cookie that is placed will track the sale. 
  • Coupon codes: Specific coupon codes can be tied to a specific website, and the use of that code can alter who gets credit for the sale. 
  • Consumer didn't use the link: We hear from lots of people that they DEFNITELY used the link in question, only to determine they didn't. Or they clicked it and then went to another site, changing how sales are rewarded. 
  • Order is not tracked in real time: Not all brands track sales in real time. Some brand deliver data post the sale, and post the delivery of the product. Known as delayed, or batch tracking, this means that brands such as Walmart can see sales on average 3 - 5 business days post the sale date. 

As you can see- there are a number of reasons why you may not see an order tracked back to your account. 

If you want to submit more insight into a missing order, please refer to the Order Inquiries Helpdesk article for the details on how to submit, timing and what is required for us to review the detail. 

Please reach out to hello@mavely.life with any questions.